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The Dandelion is a symbol of good news around the world. The dynamism and movement of nature in spring give a chance for creatures to recover their potential for the forthcoming year. The dandelion's complex yet elegant structure provides a symbol of our designs which provide a juxtaposition of elegance, speed, and dynamism. It is our mission to remind all attendees of a great season. For us, a stand is more than a set of walls, doors, and client instruments. It’s a great pleasure to appoint your position in the world of industry.

Denmark :Bådehavnsgade 42, 2450 København, Denmark - CVR-nr : 38939289

Turkey: Cafer aga Mah 34710, No8/2, Istanbul.Tax : 8450331064 - Cell Phone:+90 543 828 99 63 

Activity fields

Exhibition stand design, Rental furniture, Modular Stand, Custom design stand, Congress centers, Stand Construction, Stand detail planning, Exhibition solutions, Branding, Design and Construction consultancy, Lighting.<

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TOHID K.BAKHSHI: Directing Manager
SAEEDEH ABAN:    Graphic Designer Copy Writer
VAHID TAHMASBI:  International Marketing Manager